“How long is an essay” An ideology


Before we proceed further in the direction of knowing about the correct length of an essay, it is indeed more important to know different types of essay. There are different types of essay and writing purpose can also be different. The next thing which is the most important factor is the level and understanding of the audience. As per the audience, you can decide “how long is an essay”. There are many things and several factors that should be taken into consideration while thinking about it.

  • Academic essay length

There are different subject on which students are usually asked to write. Well, it is indeed significant to consider the fact that it also depends on the topic that you have chosen. Various topics can have their own demands and thus you should always know about the type of topic that you have chosen. It is commonly seen that most of the time your mentor will clearly indicate how many words should be there in an academic essay.

  • Leverage consideration

There is also some leverage given but there should be a huge difference. In no condition, it should not be less than the given word limits. Many universities give assignments to the students in which it is clearly mentioned that how many words should be there for writing an essay.

  • Number of pages vs. words

It is seen that in some cases or universities the essay word limit is given like 2500 to 3000 words. It is better to write an essay according to the word limit and does not exceed it. You can also get instructions like written in 10 to 12 pages. In case you are not sure about anything it is always better to confirm about this thing with your instructor. He will give you clear guidelines in this context and you will be able to get perfect results with it.

  • Focus on Quality

It is seen that some students put their major stress on the word limits. But you should also know the fact that quality does matter a lot in an essay. You should also pay more attention to the quality of the work that you are going to write.

Follow guidelines

It is also important to follow the guidelines which are originally provided by the instructor. You should also know about the different parts of the essay and their respective length which can divide each section in the right manner. It is better to know how long is an essay should be before you write.


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